Winter Warmers

The Alpaca Evolution team has been out and about for much of November and December. We started with a visit to The Farm Business Innovation show where two of our favourite boys found themselves quite literally the centre of attention. The visitors flocked to see them and if we had charged for selfies, well I would be sunning myself in the Seychelles not writing a blog! The atmosphere was excellent and the attendance high. Einstein had attended last year so was an old hand, accepting attention very readily. As for Hercules, well he soon got himself up to speed on things and made sure he wasn’t missing out on his camera time!

The next stop was Waddesdon Manor for Alpaca Evolution’s inaugural Christmas market!  And wow, what a place to start.  Set with the magnificent Waddesdon Manor as a backdrop, the market was everything a Christmas Market should be with twinkling lights and wooden chalets and the aroma of mulled wine filling the air.  We had a fun filled 5 days at the Manor and were sorry to have to pack up and prepare for the next adventure.  Several other markets and the launch of the online store have made certain Alpaca Evolution’s retail venture has started with a bang!

Of course the retail side is only a small part of what we do at Alpaca Evolution so meanwhile the herd has to keep running and the circumstances have been nothing if not trying of late.  But the positive news is that the herd seem well and during the latest routine herd health check most were holding condition and thriving.  And for the few that were struggling a little?  They are tucked up in the barn with warm bedding and some pretty delectable new hay and various other treats.

The snow certainly was shock to the system! We awoke to a breath-taking, white landscape and iced up vehicles with obscured windscreens. Once the ice was cleared and the trusty Alpaca Welly Socks were donned we slowly crept along the wintry roads to see what awaited us at the farm.

Well, the answer was more snow for a start. Whilst the weather was appalling the Alpacas seemed quite buoyant….more than we were returning home for a quick cup of tea some 7 hours later. Obviously we don’t have the ability to bring the whole herd in to the sanctuary of the barn during the snow so the day was spent ensuring they all had access to plentiful hay which meant feeding it on top of the snow in long lines and watching a throng of alpacas eagerly fall into rows and start munching. The older girls and boys knew the drill and seemed to enjoy this style of feeding as something of a treat no matter the biting temperatures and falling snow.

The snow is long gone and the Alpacas have weathered the storm well.  Next stop is the preparations for weaning which will take place in the next week or two, but more on that later!  So for now we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, alpaca filled New Year!