Backup and Support Services

When you buy from Alpaca Evolution you can have peace of mind that you will receive free lifetime support for your Alpaca Evolution purchased alpacas.  Our service includes:-

  • Advice on medical problems and emergencies.
  • Visits to inspect your herd and provide advice on your breeding programme as requested.
  • Support and guidance in preparing for shows.
  • Support and guidance with marketing and selling alpacas.
  • Advice on gelding decisions.
  • Herd valuations.
  • NB. Mileage charge and consultancy fee may apply.

Husbandry Courses

We offer a range of husbandry courses when able. If no courses are currently available please feel free to send us an email or give us a call and we are happy to tailor a bespoke course to your requirements so you can move forward with realising your alpaca dreams!

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We have tried many shearers over the years and believe that the priority is to be fast, tidy, efficient, reasonable and above all: GENTLE. Good shearers effectively skirt the fleeces during shearing so they are ready for showing with very little final attention. If you would like any advice on shearers or shearing please give us a call.