Alpacas, Lambs and Water Buffalo

2018 5 Apr

It was finally here, the long-awaited week in which we would move to Fair Winter Farm. It is safe to say things were not looking good with a long line of unsuitable farms viewed and no new farm on the horizon but then some things it would seem are just meant to be.

Shirley and Nick had first viewed Fair Winter Farm back in the summer and it is safe to say Shirley had fallen for it in a big way. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be at that time so imagine the whoops of joy that filled the air when it suddenly came back in the mix in February.

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Winter Warmers

2017 22 Dec

The Alpaca Evolution team has been out and about for much of November and December. We started with a visit to The Farm Business Innovation show where two of our favourite boys found themselves quite literally the centre of attention. The visitors flocked to see them and if we had charged for selfies, well I would be sunning myself in the Seychelles not writing a blog! The atmosphere was excellent and the attendance high. Einstein had attended last year so was an old hand, accepting attention very readily. As for Hercules, well he soon got himself up to speed on things and made sure he wasn’t missing out on his camera time!

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MOT time at Alpaca Evolution

2017 26 Sep

It was a busy week at Alpaca Evolution. We attended to the mani pedi needs of some 700 alpacas as well as administering their vaccinations and a dose of wormer.  To ensure we could get through the numbers in a timely fashion we enlisted the help of the very able Kirsty Wilde who took the various “personalities” in her stride!!  We took the opportunity to body score and assess the females groups, ensuring that the “old timers” and any showing signs of loss of condition were pulled off to a TLC group for the winter.  As we are starting the whole herd on covexin 10 we are now steeling ourselves for round two in about 4 weeks!!

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Onwards and upwards!

2017 25 Sep

Phew! What a week last week was! The ink dried on the contracts and Alpaca Evolution is finally able to launch. Nick Harrington-Smith and Shirley Isseyegh are excited to finally be able to move The Alpaca Stud forward and realise the potential of this great herd under its new banner of Alpaca Evolution. And what a pleasure to be able to embark on the next chapter within this great British industry. We hope you will continue to support us and share in our enthusiasm. Here’s to the future! Watch this space, we have big plans!

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For the joy of it

2017 31 Aug

In the middle of a freezing hail storm, mud perilously close to breaching the top of your wellington boots you strive forward, edging closer to the eagerly waiting herd of Alpacas who you can just make out through your now stinging and waterlogged eyes. Why? You must have asked yourself that very question but it tends to be a fleeting thought because the answer is simple. You do it for the love of it, Alpacas no matter the weather, no matter the stresses and strains of the day become quite simply one of life’s joys.

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A day in the life

2017 21 Aug

When asked way back in July if I would write a piece on a Day in the life of an Alpaca Judge it seemed such a simple task, now with less than 24 hours to go to the copy deadline I can’t help but think that hasty acceptances or decisions are usually the precursor to regret. Even after 3 months, I cannot really see why anyone would think the life of an Alpaca Judge interesting, especially this one.   What I have found since becoming a judge is that it has opened up some fantastic opportunities, both in terms of the people you meet and the circumstances that you meet them under.

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