General Alpaca Information About Alpacas

Are alpacas expensive?

Price is directly related to the individual breeding potential and the potential quality of the offspring. For example, a wether (castrated male, sometimes called a gelding) has no breeding potential and is therefore the cheapest alpaca to buy (about a few hundred pounds). On the other hand, a high quality male with many good progeny on the ground has a very high breeding potential and can be worth many thousands of pounds. He can also command a high income from the stud services he provides.

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Alpaca behaviour

Are alpacas dangerous?

Absolutely not! They are safe and pleasant to be around. They do not bite or butt, and they do not have the teeth, horns, hooves, or claws to do serious injury.

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Alpaca fleece and shearing

How often do you shear alpacas?

Alpacas are shorn once a year, usually in spring. Shearing is the biggest maintenance required and usually takes around five to ten minutes per animal for an experienced alpaca shearer.

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About Alpacas - Shearing

Alpaca care

Are alpacas easy to care for?

They are small and easy to maintain, rarely overeat and require no extraordinary care. They should have basic shelter for protection against heat and foul weather. They do not challenge fences. They simply need shearing, worming and vaccinations.

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Breeding alpacas

At what age do alpacas start breeding?

Females become sexually mature at around 12 to 18 months of age and once they reach 90 to 100 pounds in weight. Males can display sexual interest from a few weeks of age but are not sexually active or fertile until 18 months to 3 years of age. (There will be individuals that fall outside this age range.)

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