For the joy of it

2017 31 Aug

In the middle of a freezing hail storm, mud perilously close to breaching the top of your wellington boots you strive forward, edging closer to the eagerly waiting herd of Alpacas who you can just make out through your now stinging and waterlogged eyes. Why? You must have asked yourself that very question but it tends to be a fleeting thought because the answer is simple. You do it for the love of it, Alpacas no matter the weather, no matter the stresses and strains of the day become quite simply one of life’s joys.

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A day in the life

2017 21 Aug

When asked way back in July if I would write a piece on a Day in the life of an Alpaca Judge it seemed such a simple task, now with less than 24 hours to go to the copy deadline I can’t help but think that hasty acceptances or decisions are usually the precursor to regret. Even after 3 months, I cannot really see why anyone would think the life of an Alpaca Judge interesting, especially this one.   What I have found since becoming a judge is that it has opened up some fantastic opportunities, both in terms of the people you meet and the circumstances that you meet them under.

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